Red Carpet Cryo Facial

The localized Cryo-Facial is a treatment that is performed by vaporized liquid nitrogen across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. RedCarpet Cryo- Facial is a refreshing nitrogen vapors with a temperature of -240 °F are gently applied to your face for skin renewing experience. As the skin temperature is cooled to between 40 °F- 50°F, pores and the skin tighten and blood flow is restrictedas the vessels constrict assisting to reduce any facial swelling or puffiness. Once the skin temperature returns to normal, skin on the face, forehead and neck receive increased blood flow due to vasodilation of the vessels. This increased blood flow provides oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to assist in collagen production.

The liquid nitrogen freezes the targeted nerves on the forehead and between the brows. This put the nerves into temporary hibernation, so muscles relax and wrinkles disappear. Will soothe your skin so that redness is reduced. This will help people who suffer from acne or other inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

It is important to know that applying an ice pack or trying to cool your skin quickly at home can be dangerous. This special method uses a special technology to accomplish these amazing benefits. Using ice can damage your skin. Our CRYOfacials and can help you achieve a younger look and feel by triggering your body’s natural processes.

The Benefits

Tighter Skin
Stimulates collagen production; reduces fine lines & wrinkles and reduces pore size

Deep Cleanse
Flushes out toxins; reduces irritation & puffiness for a clearer complexion, soothes Eczema + Psoriasis

Fast & Effective
Immediate effects from a simple & relaxing procedure,
Improves Blood Flow + Circulation, Reduces Effects of Migraines + Headaches, Hair follicles • Puffiness

No surgery; no anesthetic; no chemical creams; no toxic injections; no recovery time

red carpet cryofacial

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You may experience some tightening of the skin. The air jet is ‘dry’ so although it is cold, it will not hurt like ice.

The cooling treatment takes 8 minutes and you should start to see the benefits immediately.

You may book a one-time CRYOfacial, but long-term results normally come after multiple treatments. A plan of 10-12 treatments close together will accomplish most long term goals. You may also book your CRYOfacial in combination with other treatments

You should start to see immediate benefits and these can last for up to seven days.

Yes, facial cryotherapy is non-invasive and generally accepted to be a very safe.