Cryo Facelift

This treatment firms the skin of the face, neck and neckline, lifts sagging cheeks, visibly reducing the “hamster/chipmunk cheeks”. It may be used for firming the skin! Focused Wrinkle Treatment uses a coupler for the wand to ‘iron out’ fine lines and wrinkles and to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Targeted treatments are pre-selected session programs of cryotherapy temperatures, triggering deep layers of collagen & elastin production. The hand-held wand controls and delivers precise temperatures, which are specialized for individual treatments.

Depending on your goal, it is recommended that you come in 1-3 times a week for the best results. If your goal is anti-aging, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended (best results come after 10 treatment). If your goal is improve acne-prone skin, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. If your goal is to improve rosacea, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.
DOUBLE CHIN: 2 Session a week. 6 -8 sessions required on average for best results.

Results are profound after 6-10 sessions, with clients reporting more youthful looking skin, as well as a reduction of puffiness around the eyes.

Who can benefit from a CryoFacial:

  • Anyone (men or women) experiencing aging who’s more desirous of a natural look without the use (or reduced use) of Injectables or Fillers or other products
  • Anyone experiencing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clients with Rosacea or Acne
  •  Anyone wishing to minimize the look of sun damage or age spots.
cryoface contour
cryoface contour2

This Treatment Comes With:

  • Face Lifting 40-55
  • Acne and sensitive skin (all)
  • Anti-aging 50+
  • Rejuvenation (all)
  • Firming 30-45
  • Skin spot (all)

The session is a quick 20-minute, pain free treatment.

Please make sure you have no lotions, creams, perfumes or oils on skin.

Applications should not be used on clients who have had Botox treatments within 14 days.